NNE Bangalore


Over the past few years, eminent collectors and scholars each with their own originality and innovative research have made unparalleled contribution to the field of numismatics, notaphily and philately.
We were able to discover new history in each subject and were able to rewrite it with more authenticity. The entire fraternity has grown exponentially by their continued support. Even the exhibitions including this NNE wouldn't be a resounding success year on year and reached this milestone without their constant support and encouragement.

As we are organizing the 10th Edition of the National Numismatic Exhibition, we take this opportunity to felicitate these great people to show our deep gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and contribution.

We have arrived to the decision to start the NNPA - NNE Awards , NNPA stands for Numismatics , Notaphily , Philately and Autographs.

You can send the Nominee suggestions with the reason to us at awards@marudhararts.com or can simply do that by downloading our app from Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marudhararts

Strict T&C for Award Nominations:
1- Self Nomination cannot be done.
2- To nominate anyone, you have to be a collector yourself first. If you are not a collector then the nomination doesn't stand valid.
3-Nominating a family member also stands as an invalid nomination rejecting the nominee completely from the review list even if he/she is nominated by other collectors.
4-Third parties who are not from the collector community cannot nominate anyone.
5- Provide reason for your nomination.