NNE Bangalore

We have organized the following Academic Sessions during the 10th National Numismatic Exhibition

Friday, 22nd February 2019:

1 - How to identify tooled/man made Error and Fancy Numbers in Paper Money - By Ajay Kumar M.J., Member of IBNS-IBCC & KNS.
2 - Some Observations on the Currency Laws of RBI - By Mahesh S Jambulingam , Member and Ex-President of KPS & KNS.
3 - Concept and Understanding of Rocket Mail - By Mani D, Member of KPS.

Saturday, 23rd February 2019:

4 - Mahatma Gandhi Service Stamps - By Ramu M S, India Representative - Royal Philatelic Society, London.
5 - Live Demonstration on Minting Technology in Early Indian Coins - By Ravi S Sharma , Secretary, Numismatic Society of Calcutta.
6 - Talk on Mughal and South Indian Coins by Prashant P Kulkarni, Chairman of Indian Coin Society.